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Young Entrepreneur

Sponsored by Coastal Community Credit Union

Business owners under 40 who started a business within the last three years. Nominees demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit and have excellent prospects for continued growth.

Tiffany Shanahan
Tiffany Shanahan | Foxy Box Duncan

"Tiffany is a boss babe! She manages to run a successful small business franchise while raising five children as a single mom! She goes above and beyond for her clients and is a big contributor to several local charities."

Senior Male Doctor
Travis Berthiaume
Travis Berthiaume | OodyOos Pet Store

"As a relatively new resident of the Cowichan Valley, Travis has made his mark by investing in several businesses, including the new OodyOos Pet Store. He works tirelessly to ensure customer satisfaction while fundraising for charity and making his neighbourhood a safer place."

Close-up Portrait
Jake Humphrey
Jake Humphrey | Pacifica Woodwork and Design

"Seeing Jake's work at craft fairs and markets and listening to Jake talk about his love of woodworking is inspiring. He has an entrepreneurial spirit and boundless energy. Jake is always looking for better ways to do things. You can't train that kind of passion!"

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