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Non-Profit Organization

Sponsored by Cowichan Green Community

Registered Non-Profit Societies and Charitable Organizations. Recognition for outstanding contributions to the community, demonstrating innovation, engagement and impact through their projects, programs and services.

Dominic Rockall
& Leslie Welin
Clements Centre for Families

"Clements Centre encompasses many programs and has been a leader in supporting people with barriers for over 65 years. Clements offers professional development and opportunities for their staff. Decisions are made holistically, and the programs become innovative due to the various strengths of each team member."

Senior Male Doctor
Fatima da Silva
& Rod Allen
Nourish Cowichan

"Fatima DaSilva is a force to be reckoned with! The incredible amount of hours and energy she expends to ensure that children will not go hungry while in school is phenomenal. Nourish Cowichan has expanded to feed 1500 children a week, thanks to the tireless efforts of their volunteers."

Close-up Portrait
Leah Boisvert,
Stephanie Kok
& Conrad Murphy
Providence Farm

"Providence Farm is an innovative community-based charitable organization that has been working, using nature as a guide and ally, with and for otherly-abled individuals since 1979. They are Friendly, Accepting, Respectful, Mindfull, Inclusive, Loving, whY...or as they like to be called, a FARMILY."

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