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Volunteer of the Year

Sponsored by Peninsula Co-op

Recognizes an individual or community group for their extraordinary service or support to individuals, families, non-profits, charitable organizations, community service groups or events, or local humanitarian causes.

Brenda Burch | Toys Toiletries and Toques

Brenda has worked tirelessly for the past 12 years and has been the leader and person most responsible for the success of Toys Toiletries & Toques, making 2022 the most successful year ever.

Senior Male Doctor
Gregg Perry | Cowichan Musical Society

Gregg is an inspiring member of our Cowichan Valley community. He has directed many of the productions of the Cowichan Musical Society, which puts on the biggest musical theatre shows on the island at the Cowichan Performing Arts Centre.

Close-up Portrait
Tony Owen | Cowichan Bay Maritime Centre

Tony uses his specialized skills in engine repair and woodworking to teach community members skills, fix things around the maritime centre and run a small motor repair shop. He does this all on his own time.

Volunteer of the Year
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