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Green Business

Sponsored by Economic Development Cowichan

Recognition for success in operating a business that implements environmentally sensitive and sustainable practices that solve, reduce or avoid environmental impact beyond what is expected within the scope of their normal business operation.

Tom Kinnear
Duncan Paving Co.

"Duncan Paving is the largest tonnage recycler in the Cowichan Valley (confirmed by CVRD) via reprocessing and re-using 20,000 tonnes of waste material annually that used to end up in landfills that are now being used in construction. They purposely plan their activities to minimize their environmental footprint."

Senior Male Doctor
Stephanie Farrow
& Krystal Aikman
plentiFILL Refillery & Sustainable Living Store

"This store is amazing! Stephanie and Krystal have created a business that is a much-needed addition to Downtown Duncan. Their mission is to reduce consumer waste by offering recyclable and refillable containers and packaging. Their passion for the environment and the integrity with which they select products is commendable."

Close-up Portrait
Aaron Frisby
The Tube Shack

"The Tube Shack demonstrates river stewardship by investing in both daily and annual river clean-ups and supplying river-friendly sunscreen to protect the sensitive ecosystem. Recycleables are 100% donated to community groups. Owner, Aaron Frisby, is concerned with the environment, and he operates in an ethical way."

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